Halo Combat Evolved: Original Soundtrack

2004987 17995 448


0:00 Opening Suite
3:34 Truth and Reconciliation Suite
12:00 Brothers in Arms
13:30 Enough Dead Heroes
16:33 Perilous Journey
19:00 A Walk in the Woods
20:56 Ambient Wonder
22:52 The Gun Pointed at the Head of the Universe
25:18 Trace Amounts
27:08 Under Cover of Night
30:49 What Once was Lost
32:29 Lament for Pvt Jenkins
33:44 Devils, Monsters
35:16 Covenant Dance
37:14 Alien Corridors
39:03 Rock Anthem to Save the World
40:20 The Maw
41:27 Drumrun
42:28 On A Pale Horse
44:04 Perchance to Dream
45:05 Library Suite
51:53 The Long Run
54:06 Suite Autumn
58:28 Shadows
59:30 Dust and Echoes
1:02:20 Halo
1:05:40 The Siege of Madrigal

Source: Youtube.com


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