Halo: Combat Evolved - Playthrough Gameplay - Part 1 - AWOKEN (XBOX ONE S)

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Part 1 - AWOKEN.

Welcome everyone, to HALO COMBAT EVOLVED! We are finally back on XBOX ONE after a 5 month break. Our last playthrough was Sunset Overdrive. That game was beautiful. Any who, this is my first ever Halo game. Before this, I have never ever played a Halo game. Well that's a lie, I played a few seconds of the first one a few months back. Like in January or February. I was intending on playing this game beginning of 2018 but I never got around to it because I wasn't doing my 3 videos a day thing just yet. LOL well that's all I have to say guys I hope you all enjoy the series premier to HALO COMBAT EVOLVED!

Note: I may suck at first, just like Gears of War I'll have to adapt, but don't worry I will LOL.

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