How To Destroy The Market Makers

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Market makers have a weakness that can make these day trading strategies highly profitable! Click here -

Market manipulation is something that big banks and institutions have no choice but using to fill their HUGE order sizes.


Bull traps, bear traps, and stop hunts are some of the methods they use to fill those massive orders.

This explains why most traders keep losing on breakout trades, retracement trades, and level trades because they are taught to enter these trades a very specific points.

The bankers know this!

And, they want you to keep taking these trades because that means they know exactly where the liquidity sits for them to be able to do business.

These type of manipulations happen on nearly a daily basis in the Forex Markets on the lower time-frame charts. As well as weekly or monthly on the higher time-frames.

And they're also happening in the stock and cryptocurrency markets

Day trading and swing trading these manipulations has become my favorite strategy because they are guaranteed to happen!

The big boys have no other choice!

Learning the market makers trading strategy gives traders "the edge that NEVER goes away"!

Unless big banks and institutions stop trading... NOPE not happening!

Traders need to realize this if they want to start winning from big money instead of big money taking their money.

Unfortunately human psychology is always going keep the majority of market participants lining the pockets of the bankers and market makers.

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Also check out this playlist on Forex Stop Loss Hunting Strategy:

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