I'M SPIDER-MAN!!! [Marvel Spider-Man PS4] PART 1 LIVE STREAM

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I'm finally playing Spider-Man PS4!!! This was my game of the year in 2018 and I'm so happy to be playing it for you now.

00:26 - Introduction
03:58 - Opening Cutscene
10:21 - Fisk Tower
22:13 - Kingpin Boss Fight
31:00 - Working with Otto Octavius
42:10 - Spider-Cop vs Jumpsuit Man/Backpack Hunting
1:13:33 - Doing Work
1:26:10 - Suit Upgrade/Fisk Hideout
1:41:29 - Bombastic Bagman
1:55:16 - Fisk Hackers Side Mission
2:05:00 - Fisk Hideout
2:16:04 - Photo Mode

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