I/O Braid: UIST 2018

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We introduce I/O Braid, an interactive textile cord with
embedded sensing and visual feedback. I/O Braid senses
proximity, touch, and twist through a spiraling, repeating
braiding topology of touch matrices. This sensing topology
is uniquely scalable, requiring only a few sensing lines to
cover the whole length of a cord. The same topology allows
us to embed fiber optic strands to integrate co-located visual

We provide an overview of the enabling braiding techniques,
design considerations, and approaches to gesture detection.
These allow us to derive a set of interaction techniques,
which we demonstrate with different form factors and
capabilities. Our applications illustrate how I/O Braid can
invisibly augment everyday objects, such as touch-sensitive
headphones and interactive drawstrings on garments, while
enabling discoverability and feedback through embedded
light sources.

Alex Olwal
Jon Moeller
Greg Priest-Dorman
Thad Starner
Ben Carroll

Interaction Lab
Google Inc.

Source: Youtube.com


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