Wolfenstein 3D (1992) E3F2 All Secrets - I Am Death Incarnate 100% Walkthrough Episode 22

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Wolfenstein 3D (1992) E3F2 All Secrets - I Am Death Incarnate 100% Walkthrough Episode 22

Welcome to my Let's Play of id Software's 1992 FPS classic, Wolfenstein 3D. The brainchild of John Romero, Tom Hall and the Carmack brothers, Wolfenstein 3D was revolutionary in its day and is often said to be the great-grandfather of modern shooters. While it wasn’t the very first FPS, it almost single-handedly popularised the genre and paved the way for the even more influential Doom. The gameplay, while very simple, holds up well and it remains an enjoyable game to play even decades later. While the visuals have aged poorly you can see how the developers worked within their limitations to create something fun and distinctive.

The original game featured three episodes; Escape from Castle Wolfenstein, Operation: Eisenfaust and Die, Führer, Die! The game was released as both shareware and at retail and was quickly followed by the first expansion, The Nocturnal Missions. This was comprised of three more episodes; A Dark Secret, Trail of the Madman and Confrontation. These prequel episodes have since been bundled with almost all retail copies of Wolfenstein 3D. A second expansion, Spear of Destiny, came later in 1992 before another pair of expansions in 1994. By then id Software had already released Doom and was hard at work on its sequel, Doom II.

“Episode 3: Die, Führer, Die!” is the final episode of the original game, and chronologically speaking, the final part of the Wolfenstein 3D story. All later expansions were prequels and took place before these first three episodes. In Episode 3 B.J. Blazkowicz assaults the Reichstag in order to bring an end to Hitler’s reign. The final two enemies are introduced in this episode; the fast moving Officers and the occult Fake Hitlers. The final showdown with the Führer himself is Blazkowicz’s biggest challenge yet.

I Am Death Incarnate is the hardest difficulty in the original game (equivalent to Ultra Violence in Doom) and that is the difficulty I’m playing the game at. This increases the number of enemies on most maps and increases the damage they deal. In this Let’s Play I aim for 100% Kills, 100% Secrets and 100% Treasure. In some rare cases this isn’t always possible but I’ll explain why whenever we reach one of those instances. Each of the first six episodes contain one secret level, the later expansions containing two. The exit to each secret floor is covered in this Let’s Play.

This is the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game, originally ported to the Xbox 360 in 2013 by Nerve Software, but played on the Xbox One in this video. The game is near identical to the original but runs at a much higher resolution and looks better overall. Bobby Prince’s iconic music is also slightly altered. This Let’s Play is played on Xbox One, video recorded with a Hauppauge HD PVR 2, audio recorded with a Blue Yeti microphone and edited on Sony Vegas.

This is my first Let's Play on YouTube but I'm hoping this will become a regular thing. The goal at the moment is to put out a video a day, starting with Wolfenstein 3D and its three expansions; Spear of Destiny, Return to Danger and Ultimate Challenge. That should see me through to the end of April but I plan to branch out into other games long before then. As I'm still very new to YouTube I'd welcome any feedback that'll help me improve my videos. Hope you enjoy the video. Thanks.

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