Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats ''Sweet Dreams vol 1'' (Instrumental Mix) by Groove Companion #8

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Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats ''Sweet Dreams vol 1'' (Instrumental Mix), a relaxing experience. Get the stress of your mind, lay down and put on these lo-fi beats. Your mind will be refreshed within an hour, the lo-fi pianos will improve your mental state, these instrumentals will inspire you to get creative.

This mix is also great when your studying. The mellow, lo-fi tunes will increase your focus and you will get things done quicker! And when you're done, hit that SUBSCRIBE button and come back next week for another great mix.

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Genre: Lo-fi Hip Hop, Jazz Hop, Hip Hop Instrumentals
Vibe: Japan, Relax Music, Study Music, Chill Out Music.

1 Monday Loop - Tomppabeats
2 Recuring Dream - Elaquent
3 Places - Shlohmo
4 i miss you - Mt. Marcy
5 Caught in the Rain - Aso
6 l'amour [intro] - Nohidea
7 throughthecity - eli filosov [ p h i l o ]
8 Tea & Toast - Original Mix - Anitek
9 calles feat. tuamie - Wun Two
10 Add Sugar - o k h o
11 lucid_ - Nohidea
12 Trust Me - Ta-ku
13 Lay-by - Tennyson
14 Homewards - Mndsgn
15 Weed - Sleepdealer
16 Time - Bassti
17 .sleep - Ajmw
18 NorthGate - ohbliv
19 Again - Wun Two
20 Until Later - Wush
21 Ariel - DRWN.
22 Moves - Kreambeat
23 Adrift (Shigeto's Adrift a Dream Remix) - Tycho
24 Ardent - Trashbat and Vaun

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