Mario Kart Black Modded SD Card for Wii System + 2 Wii Games all on the SD Card

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This package comes with Mario Kart Black and the emulators Plus 2 Wii Games (Mario Strikers – Charged)( New Super Mario Bros) all on the SD Card

A detailed mod of Mario Kart Wii, which includes 32 new textured-hacked courses, new music, character mods, multiplayer support, and changes to the graphical and textual interface. It includes 8 new texture hacks that are not available elsewhere on the web. Are you ready for a challenge? Give Mario Kart Black a spin, and see what you're made of! This game can be played online, and uses the same save file as the original Mario Kart game.

This is for the SD Card not the game console! Works on Original Nintendo Wii System not for Wii U

This SD CARD comes with fceugx, Snes9xgx, Genplus-Gx, mGBA, Not64, wiivb, WiiMC, and Wii2600 emulators build into the system.

Fceugx is NES Nintendo Emulator which comes with 799 games included

Snes9xgx is Super Nintendo Emulator which comes with 758 games included

Genplus-Gx is Sega Genesis Emulator which comes with:

Master System with 328 games included
MegaDrive with 713 games included
Sega CD with No games
Game Gear with 386 games included
ST-1000 with 86 games included

mGBA is Gameboy Advance Emulator which comes with:
Gameboy with 625 games included
Gameboy Color with 590 games included
Gameboy Advance with 929 games included

Not64 is Nintendo 64 Emulator which comes with 125 games included

WiiMC is Wii Media Center which you can play your movies through a USB Flash Drive or off your main SD Card

Wiivb is Virtual GameBoy Emulator which comes with 29 games included

Wii2600 is Atari Emulator which comes with 1,897 rare games included (some games work some don't)

All together there is 7,140 games for the Emulators

It has 2 more channels built in on the Wii has Wii Flow, Nintendont, and the Emulators

Wii Flow allows you to make copies of your game and save it to a USB Flash Drive and play the game without the Disc.

Nintendont allows you to make copies of your game and save it to a USB Flash Drive and play the game without the Disc.

So there is 15 game system all in one system

This will have a CD with instruction video

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