"Misery Road" Pokémon Fire Red Soul Link w/ Licky Episode 44

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What is good Cheeky and Licky People?? We are here with a new playthrough: Pokemon Fire Red Soul Link! Don't know what a Soul Link is? Well here are the rules:
We may only catch one pokemon per route, however, the gender has to be opposite of our partner's pokemon and has to have a different typing.
If one of our pokemon dies, the pokemon that is linked with it is also dead.
We cannot have the same primary typing in either of parties. For example, if Licky has a primary dark type, then neither of our parties can have a primary dark type in it.

I totally copy/pasted this whole description from Licky's channel; here it is now! https://funtvkids.com/channel/UCQr1...
(Mon. Wed. Fri. on his channel!)

Also check out my Let's Go Eevee playthrough if you want to compare the new and the old region of Kanto! https://funtvkids.com/watch/qJG-q...

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