Mr Q's 2019, 52 Game Challenge Ep 78 Final Fantasy VIII Part 7 Trying to get to Disc 3

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Multistreaming with

1. Treat others with respect.
2. Don't advertise or beg for subs for your channel.

At 100 Followers on Twitch or 200 Subs on Youtube whichever comes first i'll be doing some game giveaways.

I've been away for a while. I do have weak spells which may end my streams out of the blue. But please enjoy your stay.

Quiplash Interactive Minigame:
Play with the other viewers from both youtube and twitch go to. on your phone or another browser tab, and enter the room code displayed even if the lobby is full you can join the audience and help vote for your favorites and effect the score! Come give it a try today! Please be warned the family friendly mode is enabled. Need at least 3 people to play.

Cookie Monk Commands:
50 cookies earned every 5 minutes active in chat
!c - view balance
!flipcoin # - flip a cookie minegame
!rolldice # - roll dice minigame
!bankheist # - heist minigame





Humble Bundle Referal Link:

Game List for the 52 Game Challenge:
1. Prey
2. Legend of Zelda (Spec)
3. NieR:Automata (Celeste)
4. Deus Ex Human Revolution
5. Parasite Eve
6. Ni No Kuni (Spec)
7. Dragon Warrior (Mind)
8. Kona (Celeste)
9. Super Mario World
10. Final Fantasy I
11. Legend of Zelda II: Adventure of Link (Silo)
12. Dragon Quest XI
13. Fire Emblem Awakening
14. Resident Evil 2 Remake (from Mind)
15. Deus Ex Mankind Divided
16. Skyrim (Main Story+Dlc only)
17. Zone of the Enders (SB)
18. Resident Evil Revelations (Celeste)
19. Final Fantasy VII
20. Koudelka
21. A Hat in Time (Celeste)
22. Observer
23. Borderlands 2
24. tales of maj'eyal (From kitemay)
25. Shadow Hearts (SB)
26. Final Fantasy VIII
27. Resident Evil 5
28. Undertale
29. Vampyr
30. Little Nightmares (Celeste)
31. Castlevania Symphony of the Night
32. Bravely Default
33. Star Ocean till the end of time
34. Jade Cocoon 2
35. Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force
36. White Knight Chronicles
37. Fire Emblem Fates
38. Final Fantasy IV
39. The Last of Us
40. Suikoden 3
41. sonic 3 and knuckles
42. Mega Man X Command Mission
43. Startropics
44. airmech wasteland (From kitemay)
45. The Evil Within 2
46. Octopath Traveler
47. Suikoden 4
48. White Knight Chronicles 2
49. Skies of Arcadia Legends
50. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon
51. Zone of Enders 2 (SB)
52. Final Fantasy VI



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