PC Longplay [116] Half-Life 2 (Part 1 of 5)

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Played By: JonL

Half-Life 2
Developer: Valve
Released: Vivendi Universal Games 2004

** Plot
After taking part in a teleport malfunction, letting aliens from a planet called Xen into the Black Mesa research facility, Dr. Gordon Freeman escapes and is coerced into working for an unscrupulous government agent known only as the G Man. Placed into stasis by the G Man, Dr. Freeeman awakens on a train heading for a massive European city known only as City 17. An alien empire called the Combine watches over an army of human minions that occupy Earth and enslave its populace, devouring its resources. And sitting within the massive fortress called the Citadel that controls the oppression is none other than Gordon Freeman's old administrator, Dr. Wallace Breen. Uniting with his old acquaintances from the Black Mesa research facility, Dr. Freeman finds himself the one free man of Earth with the fate of humanity resting on his shoulders.
(from the IMDb summary written by redcommander27)

** Notes
I appended the following bonus material at the end of the longplay:
- The Lost Coast expansion level. This free additional level is supposed to take place between the levels "Highway 17" and "Sandtraps" and is primarily a showcase for high dynamic range rendering (HDR) technology.
- Every animated menu background (the main menu changes according to the point you reach in the game)

Source: Youtube.com


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