PC Longplay [847] Grand Theft Auto III (part 1 of 3)

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Played by: krysztal

Mob bosses need favors, crooked cops need help, the street gangs want you dead; so to compensate you'll have to rob, steal, and kill in order to stay alive, while using your resources to track down the woman who betrayed you and earn your rightful revenge.

That was fun. Maybe this game is dated, but it's still fun... unless you try to actually finish it instead of wreaking havoc all around. It's difficulty is pretty high in few places, and I can just imagine how hard it is on PS2!

I went with "all missions" approach, so I did all story-required missions plus all side quests, like phonebooths. Longplay is splitteed in three parts, every part for single island. It's about 6 hours long, but took me twice as long to record, so enjoy :)

Source: Youtube.com


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