Podcast #1- Video Game Talk while Playing Diablo II

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Topics of Discussion:
-Diablo II
-Tetris 99
-Giant Bomb streaming service
-Nintendo Direct
-Loud eating
-Warhammer 40K
-Alan Wake DLC
-Borderlands DLC
-Darksouls DLC
-Fighting games
-Street Fighter
-Super Smash Brothers
-Character rosters
-Mario Maker
-Sherwin Williams
-Single player games
-Multiplayer games
-Listening to people whine
-Tropico 3
-Link's Awakening
-Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Pile
-Metal Gear Solid 3 frogs
-Pet Rats
-Game season passes

Featuring: Aaron, Shonna, Jake, Dean, Tyler

Playing: Diablo II (PC)

Note: Sorry about the slight sound glitching. Hopefully later episodes will be better quality.

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