Pokemon Battle USUM: Red Vs Tobias (LEGENDARY Pokémon Face off!)

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Pokemon Battle USUM: Red Vs Tobias (Vs Red Origns, LEGENDARY Pokémon Face off!)
Video Type: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Welcome to Brogamerchannel
We do pokemon battle like: Pokemon Characters (E.g Pokemon Battle Ash Vs Red, Paul Vs Ash, Charizard Vs Mewtwo, Mewtwo Vs Gary, Game Misty Vs Brock Anime Etc), we sometimes alter timeline and rematch pokemon trainers with different team, etc.
Watch some of our popular videos to know more about us and and the multiverse series

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Music Credit to GlitchxCity, please support her :)

Special Thanks to the Gdkchan, kwsch and many more who created amazing tools like, Ohana3ds, Garctool, etc...

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