Pokemon Red vs Gold FULL FIGHT

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Pokemon Red vs Gold fan animation. Continuation of the teaser from 2013. This is about the original Gold Silver and Crystal version, not the Heart Gold/Soul Silver remake. So, Red had an Espeon, the battle was in a cave and all that stuff from the classic game from 1999.

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This is a fanvideo I've made about the most memorable pokemon battle (for me =P). I've started this in 2013, because I always wanted to see it beyond the GSC graphics and the turn battle of the games.
I am 23 and study/work is being my life for now, so I didn't have much time to do it as main activity, (and sharing the time to do animations of stories that I am creating for my career) but i've managed to finish this video because of the AWESOME feedback you all have given to me in the first part of this video, even my channel being unkown and very tiny. Thanks and Enjoy!
(And sorry any bad english, i'm br)

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