Red Dead Redemption 2 Online- Pro's & Cons. Tips & Tricks

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Brief video discussing all the new progressive updates and fixes in Red Dead Redemption 2 online as well as the negative attributes as well. Covering a wide variety of topics including bugs with the daily challenges not processing, the player blip system, the state of hunting/ PVE modes etc. Wanted to touch on a list of things here and just rant about my feelings, trying to be one of the optimistic people out there. Gave some xp/gold/money tips and tricks and also some of my own opinion and finds as well. Thanks for watching like, subscribe and hit the notification button. This is the beggining of my channel Im going to have some friends working on this with me too. The channel is hopefully going to transform into something entertaining as well as informative. Stay positive and remember everyone progress not perfection!

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