Rise of the Tomb Raider - Part #11

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Alright! Hi and Welcome to my little channel on Youtube..

Here we gonna do some Let's Play series with games I enjoy. Maybe not the newest games around but hey.. We still gonna have fun!! So I'm new to all this things with streaming and stuff, but I do it mostly for me, since i like to play games and to share the experience with other people. I think it's more fun for me to be live and interact with you guys while I play, maybe together we can solve some hard puzzles and stuff like that..

So first things first.. Who am i?? An "old" man that have gamed since the early 80's. I'm From Sweden and my english is not the best.. It's not my main language you know, so bear with me on that. I don't know what more i should type down here.. for fook's sake.. I'm here to game and have fun!!

I usually start my streams Mondays to Thursdays 14:00-ish CET (Central Europe Time).

So let's do this!! Let's make some videos!!

Pls Enjoy.. or don't :)

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