Space Invaders 1999 PC Normal mode Speedrun [IGT:32:49]

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The run is kind of awful and has literally no strats for 75% of it (aka I button mash and wing it).

I used IGT because that's what the only previous runs of that games used and after some testing it seems that it stays consistent across the 3 main versions (N64, PS1, PC), the GBA version is a different game.

PC has no load times (you can actually skip loads so fast that you wouldn't know they were there), but it is highly unstable and will crash or freeze on a regular basis.

N64 has short loads and a few differences like enemy appearing faster, it's just visual for the most part as the hitboxes are present even before the model are visible in the other versions but in levels where the enemies slide in from the top of the screen it can actually affect gameplay, the visual effects are different and the music is worse, that list isn't exhaustive as I haven't actively ran this version.

PS1 just has very long loads, framerate drops and missing effects.

I'll probably be back soon with Expert mode and Maniacal mode , Expert just being 22 levels longer and Maniacal is the same thing as Expert with marginally more aggressive aliens and faster projectiles (aka it's way easier than Expert)



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