Stormtrooper Accuracy | Wolfenstein 3D: Project Totengraeber - Level 18 | Mykita Gaming

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Because Wolfenstein 3D is a very early FPS, many of the gameplay mechanics are very simply defined. Some, like hit detection, may be a bit *too* simply defined. There is the obvious rule that you are likely to give/receive more damage if you are close to the enemy, but it's hard to explain exactly how much distance affects your shots. Further, since there are no bullet trails, there's a question of how exact your line of fire needs to be to the enemy. This leads to quite a few cases of having a perfect shot at the enemy, but firing appears to do nothing at all, like you'll see in this video in a couple of spots.

Anyway, this level brings Castle Daemmerung to a close. Hopefully we'll get a reprieve from Mutants, even if only briefly.

Project Totengraeber is a total conversion mod made by BJ Rowan for Wolfenstein 3D, a WWII-themed FPS released for the DOS PC in 1992.

Playthrough is on Normal difficulty, run through the ECWolf application. There will be edits in cases of extreme backtracking, searching for hidden passages, and getting KO'd. These videos will also be without commentary, so just enjoy the sights and sounds of the game.



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