Stuck - Dora Alex

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Stuck - Dora Alex

Every side of you that I knew
Guilty feelings you let me go through
All of the cries and your chocolate flavored lips

Park on the side of the road where the light is dim
Unbuckle my seatbelt for me to lean in
You look up at me sparks flying in my eyes

You got me stuck in this moment
A magical fairytale you say
Hit me hard with reality
I'm not gonna walk away

Hands on my cheek you pull me closer
Giving me goosebumps but I don't really care
Your lips are on mine, I close my eyes

Try and tell me I’m stuck in a fantasy
Spin me around in a ball gown baby
Let me go, I’ll lose grip and hit the ground

You’re making me feel like a princess
But I guess that’s bullshit too
Prince charming hasn’t found his way
One glass slipper far away
Oooh ..ooohh
One glass slipper on his hand to stay

#doraalex #firstthingsfirst



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