The Castlevania Timeline Part 1: Origins of Evil - Button Smash

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Welcome to the most detailed Castlevania Timeline in existence! Part 1 reveals the origins of the immortal vampire Dracula and his feud with the heroic Belmont Clan. As Dracula begins his extermination of humanity a hero rises and wields a legendary weapon against him. And after an attempted return, Dracula is betrayed by one of his own warriors. Subscribe, like, and enjoy!

NOTE 1: This timeline series contains some information that's not considered "canon" by Konami. There's also some information I created myself within the universe for storytelling purposes, to fill in gaps and connect all the dots in interesting ways. Please view this as my own interpretation of the Castlevania universe, and not canon gospel. So sit back and enjoy the ride!

NOTE 2: Shortly after the 36 minute mark I accidentally referred to Hector as "Trevor." Whoops.

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