10 Animated Movie Deaths NO ONE Saw Coming

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10 Animated Movie Deaths NO ONE Saw Coming!
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It seems like animated movie deaths occur more than deaths in actual movies. Family members are killed off, villains meet their doom, and children are often introduced to grieving for the first time in their lives. While some deaths can be seen a mile away, others are a little more unpredictable. These deaths come out of nowhere and hit you without warning.

In the How to Train Your Dragon series, a lot was built up between the relationship with Stoick and Hiccup. This is why it’s so heartbreaking when Stoick sacrifices his life to save Hiccup during an attack. Disney sidekicks are typically lovable creatures, but Ray suffers more than any other character with a pretty brutal death. The Iron Giant learned what death meant and rose above it by saving a whole town full of people. Optimus Prime battled all types of robots before taking out Megatron and saving the Transformers. It’s just too bad his body couldn’t handle all the damage. Mr. Whiskers was an innocent cat in Frankenweenie that fused with a bat and met a pretty gruesome death. Who Framed Roger Rabbit introduced to the world of Toon Town and the unfortunate torture that comes to a small and innocent squeaky shoe. Doc Hudson was a key character in the original Cars movie, but the death of Paul Newman led to some dramatic changes for the sequel. Bing Bong lived in the main character’s mind during Inside/Out, but he suffers a fate we’re all too aware of. The LEGO Movie features a lot of heroes and characters, but it was hard to see Vitruvius killed off so easily. Jack lived with his cuckoo-clock heart for several years, but once he shared his first kiss, he met a sad ending that many thought he would overcome. Watch to see all these tragic animated deaths.

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