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Intro Agent Banie is a fast action platformer arcade game. When Banie was doing a secret job for an investigation on planet Mars, something unexpected happened. Please help this funny secret agent journey back to the earth. But it’s not that easy, a lot of ferocious monsters are ready to thwart his plans back to earth. Game Features 12 Challenging Levels   4 Graphic FX modes: - Normal Mode - Glow FX - Retro CGA style mode - Performance Mode for mobile device   Player Statistics.   8 Bit music and sound effects.   Retro-style action platformer game.   Random color theme for menu screen and all levels. ready for export to mobile native platform.   Drag and drop control buttons for mobile devices with auto save and load.   Control Center config variables, modified all the game variables on one place.   Native Construct 2 plugin and behaviors without any thrid party plugin and behaviors.   One capx for export to the all device platform, this can save your time because only need work / modified this game one time.   Gamepad supported for player movement (based on Construct 2 gamepad plugin only supported gamepad typre like XBOX gamepad controller layout). Player Keyboard Control Movement: Arrow Left and Arrow Right Jump: Arrow Up Shoot: C Dash: X Special Attack: Z Player Gamepad Control Movement: Left and Right button Jump: X Shoot: A Dash: B Special Attack: Y Do not forget to click “Remove Frame” and play in full screen mode for best gameplay experiance. Note: Watch video live preview for all levels preview and game features. You need Construct 2 v.245 with personal license to modified this game. tags: action game, android game, avoidance, capx, construct 2, construct 3, iOS GAME, mobile game, monster game, pixel, platform, retro game, runner, shooter, shooting game
download Agent Banie - HTML5 Action Platformer Game | Codecanyon Scripts and Snippets



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