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Cash Machine
Mr Bean wants to buy a fancy cupcake, but his wallet is empty, so he has to visit a cash dispenser. As he tries to use it, his card is declined and eventually swallowed by the machine. Bean steals a box of tools from a repairman's truck to unscrew the front of the machine in order to retrieve his card, thereby triggering the cash dispenser's alarm and alerting the police.

Ice Cream
Bean wants an ice cream from the ice cream van, but ends up serving himself... along with every kid in town.

The Lift
Mr Bean goes on a lift to the top floor of a toy shop, but Teddy gets stuck in the doors and jams the lift. After the firemen pry open the elevator doors and freed Teddy, Mr. Bean bought the last toy car and gave it to the young boy in exchange for his Teddy.

Scaredy Bean
Mr Bean goes to cinema and partly watches two horror films, "Kat" and "The Glob". However, they scare him too much, so eventually he watches "Mr. Tiny", during which he falls asleep. When he arrives home, he tries to get in but realizes that he left his jacket at the cinema and with it his house key. It becomes worse when Bean sees Scrapper as the giant cat and Mrs. Wicket as the glob monster.

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