Bo On the GO! - Bo and the Shake Maker

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W-w-w-w-atch o-u-u-uttt!!! The Castle is sh-sh-shaking, and Bo and Dezzy must find out wh-wh-who is causing it! First, they crawl like Critters to get around flying gophers, then must dash around like Galloping Horses to help some Hyenas run a race. Once they find the Shake Maker, they give him some Super-Soft-Lighter-Than-Air Sneakers to make his heavy feet lighter than feathers, and he stops causing the shakes!

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Bo is a positive, super-energetic and inquisitive young heroine who, along with her young friend Dezadore the dragon, or Dezzy as she likes to call him, encourages children at home to actively join her in a variety of movements that assist her on amazing adventures. Each episode is a mythic quest that presents challenges and obstacles that Bo must overcome. Along the way, Bo and Dezzy achieve victories and receive small rewards. Maximum Bo power!