Family of 4 moving to China : QUESTION & ANSWER Video!! Get to know The Misfitfam

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What is it like to move to China? Well currently we have no idea, but that's not stopping us from doing it! Join us the Misfitfam, a blogger family, as we sell everything we own, pack our bags, and move to China!

In this video - get to know us a little better with a series of questions and answers! This is also our first official vlog!

Why are we going to China?

To be blunt life was just getting boring; a 9-5 job and what felt like the same day over and over just wasn't cutting it, so we stumbled on an opportunity to teach English in China and decided to take a chance! We plan on traveling around as much of China as we possible can while we are there, so be sure to follow our adventure!

Please subscribe if you want to follow us as we take on this new challenge, learn with us as we experience what it is like to be an expat in China, what it is like to be a foreigner in another country, and what it is like to experience a completely new culture! We will be posting weekly videos and daily posts!

A big shout out to The Bucket List Family and World Nate two big vloggers who have inspired us to take this leap of faith!



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