HOW TO BE OPTIMIST by Anna Jelen the learned optimism 

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Optimism has an influence on health (proven).
The ONE tool I use to train my optimism (learned optimism)
Optimist can change your life, quickly, for the better.

How to be optimist, it's always in our hands how we will react in a certain situation.
This has a lot to do with our mindset. And: we can learn this. My personal thoughts about being an optimist is to look for the beauty in everything. In every place. In every moment. In everyone.
Enjoy this Vlog/podcast where I talk about the ONE tool I use to train my optimism. For me, that was so much fun. I hope for you too.
Anna jelen, for your self improvement.

About me:
My name is Anna Jelen and I am also called the time expert. I am a coach, a mentor, a time management entrepreneur, key note speaker and the producer of the „Have a good day" program. I am on my " Let's talk about time World Tour " where I am giving a speech on time in cities all around the world.

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Others also call me a Life Strategist.
My vision: it is all about creating moments. Time is filled with moments. So let's create moments! Be a moments-chaser.

I will give you advice and practical tips and tricks on:
- how to improve your time management
- how to improve your stress management
- how to say no
- how to be happy and live a good life
- good time management exercises
- ideas for your personal development plan / skills
- tips for your work life balance
- time management for students, adults, kids, actually for everyone - even time management for dummies 

I keep on saying: we should not just use time management methods, rather live a good time management. Good time management should be a life philosophy, a life style, not just methods and concepts. Time management goes hand in hand with personal development - that's what good time management is about.

I will give you hints and advices in a simpel funny weekly vlog for your daily life. Let's also talk about: ofttimes, digital detox, life tips, work life balance, success on all the levels, life changing habits, how to be productive and efficient, learn to focus. We talk about mind power, the power of positive thinking, about a better quality of your life and a lot more. It is all about your change - a change to a better quality of your life.

Never forget: you need a good stress and time management for your personal development, to have a good life, to have good relationships, for personal growth - simply: to have a good and happy life.

I will give you funny, inspirational and motivational videos.
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The "Have a good day program" is about How to have a good day - enjoy!