Inside the re-education camps China is using to brainwash Muslims Uighur

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Xinjiang - China is not seeking to reduce any discriminatory measures against Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. The region, known as East Turkistan, is home to 12 million Uighurs. Formerly the area was an independent state until the Chinese communist state began to occupy and colonize it in 1949.

Over the past few years, only a little bit of information has come out about the strictly controlled territories in China. In fact, China has used a series of brutal actions to root out the remnants of Uighur culture.

Any form of Islamic expression in Xinjiang is prohibited. China not only shut down mosques, but has also banned all Islamic writings, including the Koran. The names of Islam are also prohibited, other than the other Islamic camat like castrated beard and hijab.

Recently, China has obliged all Uighur Muslims to install GPS-like devices on their motorcycles and cars so that authorities can find them at any given moment.

You think this sounds like an essay. But in fact the Chinese police in the province have been equipped with "smart glasses" to be able to recognize and identify Uighur faces on trains, buses and in public places.

The central database connected with "smart glasses" is designed to let patrollers know when a Uighur Muslim has moved beyond his "safe area", home or workplace.

The action is just the tip of the iceberg. Uyghur Muslims who refuse to surrender their Muslim identity will be thrown into a "re-education camp" designed to turn the Uighur Muslim ideology into an Atheist.

"We are targeting religious people. For example, those who grew young though, "a Chinese government official said in a report.

According to reports from human rights observers, China has ordered its officials in Xinjiang to send nearly half of its population to "re-education camps". For those who stubbornly oppose China's indoctrination program, jail or murder awaits.

The reports point to some of the inhumane treatment of Uighur Muslims in East Turkistan today. This is confirmed by some Uighur Muslim refugees who have escaped persecution and murder in the hands of the Chinese government.

A Uighur Muslim who successfully applied for asylum seeker status in 2017 in Australia, revealed that China is now imprisoning Uyghur Muslims who are trying to travel abroad. His wife and nine-month-old son were the victims. Authorities fear the world will know the full extent and extent of China's campaign to eradicate Uighur culture.

"In 60 days from now, when my son, whom I have not seen a year old, China will imprison my wife for five years, and then sell my baby to an adoption agency," Musapir said.

When asked why China did that to his wife and son, he explained that they arrested him for trying to leave the country to join him in Australia. "China really wants the world not to know what's going on there (Xinjiang)," Musapir said.

Musapir's fate is almost similar to Seven Zhang, a Muslim Hui who now lives in the United States. Zhang explained that his wife was arrested and accused of illegally crossing the border on January 18, 2016. He was then taken to the Jinwuhzen Police Department. Less than four weeks after his arrest, Zhang's cancer-plagued wife fell into a coma after being subjected to torture and ill-treatment.

Within weeks and months after his wife's death, Zhang demanded justice from his government. Instead of compensation or justice, Zhang had an attempted murder by the Chinese government with an "accident manipulation" technique.

The technique according to Zhang is a common method used by the Chinese government to silence criticism. Deliberate killing is shown like a motorcycle accident.

Worrying about his life, Zhang fled China to the United States in 2017. Today is alive, yet still haunted by the fear that his country will catch up to where he is.



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