Is a old iMac (early 2008) still usable in 2016?

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Hi guys!
This is the third upload on my new channel "Still usable?". Here I will make reviews of old and new electronics like smartphones, tablets and laptops etc.

Sorry about the noise in the video.

In this Video I want to answer the question "Is a older iMac still usable in 2016?"

If you want to see if another device is still usable let me know!
Else tell me what I should do else.

Please tell me what my next videos should be about.
In the future I can make some different videos (not "still usable") if you want to!

If you want to see more videos and tell me, I am going to buy a better microphone and video equipment so i can make more quality videos.

Btw. I am not a native english speaker ;)

Thank you!