Lean in, Geek Out: Girl Geek X SquareTrade Dinner & Panel Discussion

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Over 300 women came together at SquareTrade in San Francisco, CA for a Girl Geek X SquareTrade Dinner on June 27, 2018 to hear from inspiring women in leadership - watch the full event here and read the transcript: https://medium.com/girl-geek-x/lean-i...

Panelists (from left): Margaret Reeves (VP Product Management, SquareTrade), Bonnie Shu (Product Compliance Manager, Harbor), Claire Hough (SVP Engineering, Udemy), Lisa Fetterman (CEO, Nomiku), Nupur Srivastava (VP Product Management, Grand Rounds), Staci Slaughter (EVP Communications, San Francisco Giants), Wini Hebalkar (VP Supply Chain & Operations, SquareTrade) speaking at #GirlGeekxSquareTrade

Source: Youtube.com