Outside Dog Yard Cam 07-12-2018 13:16:50 - 13:44:42

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Spend some quality time with the senior dogs of Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary! Watch them eat breakfast and dinner, meet up and snuggle on the Gathering Room Cam. The Outside Yard Cam lets us see them play and relax in one of the four yards at OFSDS. Senior dogs like you see on these cams are mature, calm, and very loving. Unfortunately, they also have the hardest time being adopted because of their shorter life span and high medical costs. OFSDS gives them care and a place to live in their golden years.

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary (OFSDS) provides a loving home, good food, high quality vet care, compassion and comfort to senior dogs for the remainder of their lives. Despite being calm and loving, senior dogs have the hardest time being adopted due to their shorter life spans and high medical costs. In order to give senior dogs another chance at a happy ending, OFSDS has built a sizable ForeverFoster Home network of loving homes. They also strive to educate people about the joys and challenges of caring for aging dogs and work with other dog rescue groups to promote senior dog adoption. OFSDS was granted non-profit status in April 2012.

Source: Youtube.com


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