Tennis World Tour - John McEnroe vs Andre Agassi Gameplay - Legends Edition

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Pre-order the Legends Edition now and you’ll also be able to embody these two legendary players. See them in action in this latest gameplay video!

For more details on how and where to purchase the Legends Edition, check out our website:

The Legends Edition includes the following bonuses.

- André Agassi is playable, as well as his 1995 outfit
- John McEnroe is playable, as well as his 1990 outfit
- Roger Federer's Wilson Pro Staff 97RF racket is available in Career mode
- The Wilson Pro Staff 97 racket is available in Career mode
- An exclusive trainer providing an experience bonus
- The "legend" title in multiplayer mode
- 5 aptitude cards
- Roger Federer's Nike "Spring 2018" outfit is available in Career mode


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