DAWN OF DEMOCRACY: Push Back TWICE as Hard! (A TW Shogun 2 Saga)

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IN THIS EPISODE: While Operation Spider Crab embarks on its voyage, the traditional front of the war sees full-strength Shogun forces crossing into the Republic provinces of Ise and Yamashiro. Deadly battles of attrition ensue as the Republic doggedly defends its lands! After a deadly battle in Yamashiro's borderlands, General Hiraga decides to build on the momentum and march straight for Omi, Yodo's newest capital, but a handful of blunders, including 2/3's of the General's unit being slain, threatens the success of the invasion. Will the Republic claim a new prize, or be sent packing? Did General Hiraga live, or will he be added to an already too long list of Republic Generals who have lost their lives?

Source: Youtube.com