Toy Hotel has a Bug Problem !!!

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Oh no! Lucy's new Toy Hotel has a major bug infestation! Time to call in the expert pest controller! While hotel owner Lucy works on this problem, Addy and Maya head over to a different hotel to relax a bit. But wait, this new hotel doesn't have surprise toys! These silly kids can't catch a break!

Music Credits:
Look Up# by Achille Richard
Bug Soup by Be Still the Earth
Dementor by Dresden, the Flamingo
Frantic by Liberty
To the Races by Fantoms
Second Breakfast by Collin G Scudder
Fixed Infinitely Up by Achille Richard
What's Up Doc by Liberty
Up in the Clouds by Titus
Happy Snappy Love by New Wave Sounds
Summer Camp by New Wave Sounds
Portlandia by Finn's Fandango
Ice Cream Truck by New Wave Sounds
Arena by OBOY
The Flamingo Heist by Dresden, the Flamingo
Get it Out by Collin G Scudder
Monter by Caleb Harris
1999 by Alter Ego
Come Over by Finn's Fandango
Losing It by Triads
Wire and Fire by Triads
No Exit by Caleb Harris
Sunny Street by Triads
Bluebirds by Isaac Joel