U S Stock Market Crash 2018: Calmly Get Out of Stocks

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When it comes to the U.S. Stock Market many people just feel like it is a bad thing if the market goes down. This attitude toward financial markets is not healthy or productive for natural harmony with the cycles that all markets make.


In the U.S. people often freak out and ask government officials to stop the market from going down as if it is something withing the control of politicians, federal reserve, the President, etc. No one wants to take the blame and no one should because it is natural and based partly on supply and demand but partly on emotions. It does not take long for a turn in the market to develop into outright panic.

When the stock market is going down, there are always corresponding markets that are going up creating excellent opportunities to short sell stocks or buy something else. Moreover, any movement in the Forex currency market is a trading opportunity for savvy traders who can read markets and make decisions not based on chaotic negative emotions.

For instance, you may notice that as the stock market has turned down, gold and silver have made a dramatic buying signal and are shooting up like a rocket right now.

I hope this information is helpful and with you success in your trading and investments.

Source: Youtube.com


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